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6th Grade

Serves as the students’ introduction to science and the methods used by scientists to understand the universe. The focus will be on demonstrating the ways scientists develop questions and then constantly refine their answers. Students will spend the majority of their time engaged in the authentic work of scientists and engineers, gradually building stamina for high quality self-directed inquiry by the end of the year. This work is supported by class discussions, supplemental readings, direct instruction of essential skills and concepts, and the expectation that students analyze, reflect on and share their findings with their class. Our sixth grade science curriculum also serves as an introduction to the physical laws of the universe, with a focus on matter, energy, and their interactions. By the end of sixth grade, our young learners will have grown to see the universe as a constant interaction of matter and energy, a cross-cutting science concept that will carry over into their science work in seventh and eighth grades.

7th Grade


The 7th-grade Life Science class explores the intricate web of life, from the tiniest building blocks of living organisms to the grandeur of ecosystems and their delicate balance. Students gain a deeper understanding of the environment as a dynamic living system and recognize their potential to influence change within it. Students will learn about plant and animal cells, evolution, the human body, biodiversity, ecology, and scientific literacy. The curriculum is structured to provide a comprehensive view of life science concepts, with a focus on hands-on activities, engaging discussions, and real-world applications.

8th Grade


Prepares students for high school science courses by developing their quantitative and analytical approaches to solving problems in physics and chemistry. Students learn about scientific measurement, atomic structures, the periodic table, chemical reactions, chemical pollution, and Newtonian physics concepts of force, motion, work, and energy.

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