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Leadership Team

The Headwaters Leadership Team has joint accountability for the school’s performance, both to the board and to our greater community, and also features divided responsibility for each of our leaders. 

Together, they bring passion and a shared vision for creating a school community dedicated to academic excellence, relational strength, and robust experiential opportunities. 

Administrative Team

Our dedicated administrative team ensures the smooth operation of our school, handling everything from admissions to student enrollment to facility management. They are the backbone of our institution, supporting our mission to provide excellent educational experiences.

6th Grade Team

Foundation + Substance

Our 6th grade faculty is committed to helping their students develop their core and foundational skills. As a team, they strive to help our 6th graders with organization, provide them with the tools to act with confidence and competence, help them learn to care for themselves and others, and allow them the opportunity to understand their strengths, habits, and areas for growth. 

7th Grade Team

Community + Collaboration

Our 7th grade faculty applies the foundational skills from 6th grade and ensures their students work collaboratively to create a supportive learning culture with high expectations. The 7th grade actively focuses on respect and collaboration with others on teams and in communities; providing them the opportunities to develop and demonstrate competence; allowing them to develop a tolerance for adversity and uncertainty; fostering environments where they can demonstrate self-awareness, and allowing them to display initiative by setting and achieving goals.

8th Grade Team

Leadership + Awareness

Our 8th grade faculty supports our students by creating opportunities to assume leadership roles and serve on teams in various roles- self-leader, peer leader, designated leader, and active follower. The 8th grade team also leads our students on a robust field study opportunity that provides a positive, transformational experience designed to inspire and empower them to act.

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