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Our Curriculum

Headwaters Academy focuses on developing students who possess great independence, strong self-advocacy, good decision making skills, and a solid set of personal values. We care as much about ​who our children are becoming as what they are learning. 


Throughout our classrooms, students work in groups, interacting with their teachers and each other, and actively engaging with their lessons. We are a small, independent school which focuses on project-based learning, field study, and experiential learning in addition to rigorous academic instruction. 


Every Monday and Friday afternoon, the entire school steps out of our regular schedule for a multi-grade elective block schedule, which includes focused workshops. These faculty-led and outside-educator-led workshops range from cooking to yoga to snowshoeing and more.  


Class trips, another key part of our middle school experience, bring students to different parts of Montana, and the Field Study allows our students to be hands-on in locations throughout the world. Through these adventures and challenges, our middle school is committed to its mission: being an intellectual community where curious and motivated learners connect robust academic inquiry, create lasting relationships, and embrace joyful adventure inside and outside the classroom.

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