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Headwaters Academy

A private, independent middle school in Bozeman, MT providing an intellectual community where curious and motivated learners connect robust academic inquiry, create lasting relationships, and embrace joyful adventure inside and outside the classroom.

Headwaters Academy was a great choice for our family and our three sons who attended there over the years.  Headwaters offered a small, nurturing atmosphere of learning for more one on one (instruction) during the junior high years. We believed that investing in the boys’ education during this formative time was essential for learning good study habits and work ethic while developing respectful and deep friendships with teachers and fellow students.  The outdoor activities and field study were a great fit for our adventurous family. Students learned outdoor and camping skills while backpacking, canoeing, skiing and traveling to Mexico.  It is extraordinary to experience the outdoor classroom for science, art and cultural discovery. We are a happy former Headwaters family and I would recommend it highly.
  - Jennifer Lowe-Anker and Conrad Anker
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